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Parts of the Documentation:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Quickstart
  3. Viewing with your iPhone/iPad
  4. Wireless
  5. Hacking your Camera
  6. Advanced Features
  7. Additional Notes


Getting Started

Included with your camera should come a one page visual quick start guide. The quick start is also available at

The is easy to set up. Plug it in! First plug it into ethernet (although supports a wireless connection it must first connect through ethernet) and then plug in the power. Now log into the account you set up when you bought the camera. Log in at On your account page there should be a link View to view your camera feed. Now you can watch what’s important to you from anywhere.



Click to Download the Quickstart Guide

Viewing with your iPhone/iPad

Viewing with iPhone or iPad is exactly like viewing over the web. Sign into your account with Mobile Safari and on your account page there should be a View link. Click that link to see your camera.



Go Wireless. To set up wireless, first log into your account page. On your account page next to the link View there should be a Settings link. Click the Settings link and put in your SSID and password click the update button and wait a little and you should be connected.


Hacking your IP Camera

For thorough instructions read our blog post:

The is a busybox linux device with a filesystem. The ships with telnet open on port 23 for your convenience. You have to know the local IP address of your camera to be able to telnet into the camera. You can find the local IP address by logging on to your account click the Get Local IP Address button in Cameras settings page. You can log into the busybox linux system with the following login:

User: "root"
Password: "admin"

You can find all of our open source code on our GPL page at


Advanced Features

The camera has many advanced features, which currently can only be accessed with client software that runs on Windows. Please follow the included "Tatement" for more details on how to use that client software and access your camera.


Additional notes

The software released for this is still in beta, and we expect it to improve. It will be possible to update the firmware on your camera to take advantage of our features and new software in the future. We also expect to update documentation on our website with tutorials on ways that you can take full advantage of your


How can we help?

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Also, check back soon, as we have some exciting innovations and announcements planned for the future.

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