The IP Wireless Security Camera

Hardware specifications and other details

All of our wireless security cameras are based on the latest H.264 video compression technology. This leads to incredibly low video transmission bitrates, up to 90% less than cameras which use older technology. This means that you can leave your camera on all the time and store your video in our secure vault. Most cable or DSL internet connections are more than fast enough to support our default 256 Kbps video bitrate for 640 x 480 video at 24 frames per second.

Video Resolution 640 x 480
Video Frame Rate 24 Frames Per Second
Audio Capture Enabled via internal microphone
Audio Encoding Up to 32kbps AAC (Compatible with Adobe Flash in any web browser, iPhones, iPads)
Video Compression H.264 Main Profile @Level 3.0 / MJPEG, optional
Still Images Supports JPEG capture up to 3 per second
Wired Internet Standard ethernet port
Wireless Internet 802.11g enabled for wireless distances up to 100 meters
Wireless Encryption Supports WEP,WPA,WPA2
Default Video Compression Bitrate 256 Kbps (up to 16Mbit/s possible)
Size 76mm x 30mm x 120mm
Power Consumption <6W
Image Sensor "1/4" OV CMOS
Local Storage on Camera 4GB (over 24 hours of video)
Operating System Linux Busybox
Memory (RAM) 64 MB

The Online Service

Simple, secure access to your video

Our online service works with your cameras to make setting up a video security camera system anywhere easier than it has ever been before. Some of the features of our service include:

  1. The camera will work behind home routers and corporate firewalls with zero configuration by initiating a secure connection with our servers.
  2. We store 30 full days of 24/7 video at 24 frames per second and 640x480 resolution.
  3. Set everything up in minutes.
  4. No additional hardware is required.
  5. Video plays straight to Adobe Flash (nearly all other IP cameras are not compatible with Adobe's proprietary RTMP protocol). Other IP cameras require the user to install a Java Applet or other software in order to view the video. cameras stream straight to Adobe Flash, which is installed on 99%+ of browsers.
  6. Automatic Motion Detection. Don't sit through hours of video. Just skip to the action. We allow you to configure sensitivity thresholds for motion detection.
  7. Receive Automated Emails and SMS messages. We can alert you immediately in the event that motion or other events are detected.

On Your iPhone or iPad

Direct from Mobile Safari. No app required!

To see a demo, just go to in mobile safari on your iphone and click the "Live Demo" link.

This is the most convenient way to watch your wireless security camera anywhere, anytime, on the go. While watching video, easily capture screenshots of the video while you watch. Screenshots are stored directly to your iphone's camera roll. This enables you to quickly send emails or MMS messages to people regarding important live video footage.