Remote Security Camera Reviews

Why the is ideal for remote set ups

If you're looking for a remote Security camera, we guarantee that you'll find no better option than the We have personally tested our with the Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot by Sierra Wireless

The Sprint Overdrive creates a wireless 4g network anywhere within range, and it will fallback on to 3g networks when 4g is not available. In addition, there is no bandwidth cap on the sprint 4G data plan, so you are able to upload video and store it remotely all month.

If you're wondering about powering the devices, you might want to consider a solar panel setup. We have already installed's using solar power, and we lay out the instructions for how to do so in detail here on our blog.

With remote wireless internet and solar power with a battery backup, you now have a truly remote security camera setup, which you can view securely from any computer in the world, or directly to your iphone or mobile device.

This is perfect for construction sites or securing any remote location that does not yet have a network infrastucture in place.

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