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Choosing a Security Camera

Posted May 1, 2011 in

There are a lot of options when deciding on a security camera system. CCTV, IP Cameras, Analog or Digital….

You want to protect your home or small business with video security, but you’ve done some Googling and discovered there are a lot of confusing technologies out there. It’s true the state of video security technology is a mix of old and new technologies that deliver ok but not great solutions. All of the confusing technologies can be reduced to two options an Analog CCTV or an IP camera system.

Analog CCTV is the older entrenched technology. The problems are the cameras require running cable everywhere, the video resolution is worse than IP cameras and not improving, and remote access isn’t built-in.

The IP security camera is getting ready to make the older technology obsolete. The reason the shift has been so slow is IP cameras have their own problems. Equivalent IP camera systems are still on average more expensive than Analog systems, and there is a learning curve to set them up. takes existing IP cameras and in addition to making them easier to set up and use, provides you with all the features that you want and need out of your camera security system. For example, motion detection, alerts, and cloud storage are all bundled into, and there is still much more to come.

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