Outdoor Security Camera Reviews

What people are saying

"The Cam.ly outdoor security camera just worked."

William L., Chicago, IL

"I love the interface. I can watch the outside of my house and feel safe when I'm home or away."

Douglas M., Lexington, KY

When choosing the best outdoor security camera for you, here are some things to consider:

  • Power Requirements - All of our cameras run on DC power (12 Volts), and generally run at 6-30watts. This is low enough that it is even possible to run the cameras off of solar panels for truly remote outdoor placement.
  • Networking Requirements - Previous generations of cameras were known as "CCTV" or "closed circuit TV". In order to network those, there were basically only 2 inconvenient options: 1. Running coaxial cable from the cameras to a video server somewhere, or 2. using 2.4Ghz wireless transmission, which would be unreliable, and interfere with 802.11b/g/n wireless internet.
    Our Cameras eliminate all of these hassles by using standard 802.11b/g internet which is likely already available in your outdoor location. It is generally easy to boost already existing signals for even more gain.
  • Visibility (or Invisibility) of the Cameras Themselves - Our cameras come in a robust bright silver enclosure, sure enough to deter any thief or vandal. However, if you prefer more discrete mounting, their small form-factor makes them easy to conceal.
  • Ability to Withstand Weather - Our heavy-duty metal outdoor camera enclosures are tough and durable, able to withstand rain, heat, and all of the elements.
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