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Solar Powered Home Security Camera

Posted August 25, 2010 in

Setting up a solar powered security camera is easy. When you’re done you can feel good about using a renewable power source and all powerful because you’ll have eyes everywhere. The best part of setting up a security system with is you’ll have the reassurance of checking up on what’s important to you from anywhere with an internet connection or your iPhone. I set up my security camera to watch over my front door.

Here is a youtube tutorial on setting it:

Here’s what you are going to need:

1. A S-100 Wireless IP Security Camera with Internet DVR

2. A SunForce solar panel (you need a barrel connector I’m not positive this particular solar panel comes with one)

3. iSun Battery Pack

4. 8 rechargeable batteries

5. DC/DC converter

6. Various mounts and screws.

Here is how the system looks when its all connected:

The only tricky part of the system is connecting the solar panel to the battery pack. Make sure you find a solar panel that is capable of connecting to the battery pack you choose.

You can mount the whole system using tools you probably have in your house, I did. The bare minimum of what you are going to need is a hammer, nails and a screw driver. If you want to be fancy you can buy some mounts for the battery pack and dc/dc converter and a cordless drill (I’m looking at you Jake Ludington). I won’t waste your time with advice on how to mount the system. If you can hammer a nail or screw in a screw then you can figure all that out. The only advice you really need is set up the solar panel so it is south facing.

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