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Choosing a Security Camera

There are a lot of options when deciding on a security camera system. CCTV, IP Cameras, Analog or Digital…. You want to protect your home or small business with video security, but you’ve done some Googling and discovered there are a lot of confusing technologies out there. It’s true the

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JavaScript Interview Question

We recently came across a good JavaScript interview question. We won’t disclose the name of the company using it, but we hope that this helps interviewees test their knowledge, and employers looking for good ways to design questions: Look at the following code. What does it do? What happens if

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One startup’s journey into SEO

Cliff Notes (for those with an internet attention span): How Google works: Ranking Factors in Google’s algorithm Tools: Google Adword Traffic Estimator (good to make quick checks on a search’s traffic) Wordtracker (the tool to decide which keywords you’re going after) SEOquake firefox addon (to check your keyword density on

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Give the Gift of a Custom Linux Distro

For all of you hackers and geeks who need a last-minute christmas present, we have just the thing for you. It’s a homemade gift, which shows that you care, but you don’t need to be crafty in the traditional sense. Total cost of materials is around 10 cents, or free

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Startup Title Junk

John Gruber at Daring Fireball wrote a little today about title tags. His main issue is that many news websites have annoyingly long and possibly SEO-focused title tags. He wishes every site had super simple human readable title tags (for example Google’s title tag is “Google” and Apple’s title tag

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Code Fearlessly

When Dane Jensen first started to work on, he dove right into things and wanted to learn how everything worked. It was no small feat, considering that our system already used (in addition to others) Ruby on Rails, Haml / Sass, Javascript, Java, shell, c, and c++. After a

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How the Pinata Buster Works

If you haven’t played the Pinata Buster you can do that here. Rhett and I created the pinata buster as a fun example that showcases the security camera and interface. A few friends have asked me how the pinata buster works, so here’s an overview of how we hacked

Read more comes with new stands now ships with new stands. We were so happy we had a photo shoot to show all the new places you can hang a The can now go anywhere in seconds. These stands make hanging almost as easy as connecting to wireless. We want

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All Camlys now come with audio

We are happy to announce that all of our IP security cameras now come with live audio recording capability. Every camera has an internal microphone. This comes standard, and everyone who already purchased Camlys will receive a free software update to enable audio on their cameras. For those interested in

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Solar Powered Home Security Camera

Setting up a solar powered security camera is easy. When you’re done you can feel good about using a renewable power source and all powerful because you’ll have eyes everywhere. The best part of setting up a security system with is you’ll have the reassurance of checking up on

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